Stimulating Activities

We offer the following stimulating activities that are enjoyable:

  • Music appreciation such as singing and dancing
  • Arts, crafts and puzzles
  • Numbers Concept
  • Daily adaptable exercise
  • Baking and cooking classes
  • Recycling Day
  • Movie Day
  • Bingo day
  • Pampering time such as face-make up, hair-styling, nail polish and hand massages

Aside from the above weekly activities, every year, Focus Day Program Staff prepares exciting events that engage client participation to their fullest such as:

  • Summer Fest - this is one of the most enjoyable activities where all 3 locations of Focus Day Program compete for the most creative and innovative design based on theme for that year. Staff and Clients work together to decorate the day program facility with original materials and ideas which enhances imagination and creativity.  Some of our past festive events that provided so much fun for our clients were:  Blast from the Past, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian Laua, Wild Wild West, International Day and Spanish Fiesta.
  • Halloween Party - this is an event where Staff and Clients dress up with different Halloween costumes and a parade is improvised.
  • Thanksgiving Day Celebration - this is an event where Staff prepares luscious thanksgiving meal for the Clients that includes Turkey.
  • Christmas Day Celebration - this is an entertaining vent where Staff and Client sing Christmas carols accompanied by Karaoke machine.