Multi-Purpose Room

Client will take advantage of several activities such as arts and crafts, hobby development and money management within our own "Focus General Store". In this room, Client will also learn vocational skills and basic education.

TV Room

Clients will benefit from sensory and educational programs as well as movies. This room can also be used to hold seasonal events such as plays or talent shows that involve singing, dancing and newscasting.

Discovery Room

Clients will partake in activities to stimulate the senses. These activities include relaxing music, hypnotic lighting effects, nature sounds and texture exploration.

Beauty/Spa Room

Clients can expand their daily living and hygiene skills with regards to beauty and relaxation such as manicure, hair and make-up.

Exercise/Dance Room

A room equipped with a parallel bar and mirrors in providing the ultimate dance/aerobic work-out.


Clients can relax and flip through pages while being visually stimulated at the same time.